Premium Valet Service

Don’t Race to the Airport – Take a PIT Stop

PIT Stop Airport Parking is Pittsburgh International Airport parking made easy. Sure, you can try to drive to the airport and jockey for position, hoping to get the best possible spot so you can board your flight quickly, but if you’ve ever parked on-airport before, you know that’s easier said than done.

Avoid the race to the PIT airport, and instead take a PIT Stop! Our premium valet service saves you time and money. You arrive under our covered canopy, so you’re shielded from the elements and any inclement weather. We park your car for you and take your bags, while you board our fast, free shuttle. Our express check-in and check-out service assures quick service and speedy departure. We drop you off and pick you up curbside at the PIT airport. Your car will be waiting up front for you upon your return; cooled down in the summer months, and cleared of snow and ice, all toasty warm for you, in the winter.

Book your reservation today and experience Pittsburgh International airport parking as it should be.