6 Ways to Make a Vacation out of a Business Trip

6 Ways to Make a Vacation out of a Business Trip

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If you work for a company with client connections in other states or countries, you may find yourself on a variety of business trips. While some trips may be to exciting places, others may be to run-of-the-mill cities or not-so-popular countries. Here, our Pittsburgh Airport parking company shares some tips for turning your business trip into a vacation (no matter where you go!).

Make Friends with Some Locals

You’ll probably be spending most of your time with co-workers and higher-ups and if they’re all about business, you may need some time to yourself. If you’re looking to unwind, make friends with some locals in the area – they’ll be able to show you the best restaurants, bars, and where to go for a good time.

Take a Tour

Chances are you’ll have some time to kill at some point during your business trip, so why not schedule a tour to get your mind off of work? Check out a unique museum, discover a historical theater, go on a pub crawl, or simply hop on a tour bus or boat to learn more about the area.

Work Outside of Your Hotel

If you have individual work to get done during your trip, don’t just hole up in your hotel to do it. Instead, get outside and go somewhere scenic! Whether it’s to a park, an outdoor coffee shop, or a cafe with a view, you’ll see more of the area and get a feel for local life.

Make the Most of Mealtime

Yes, you’ll probably be busy during your trip, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experience the authentic food your destination has to offer. Whether it’s a quick lunch by yourself or dinner with your co-workers, do some research and find a place that offers delicious eats you can’t get back home.

Add a Couple Vacation Days

If your business trip is to a destination you’ve always wanted to visit, why not turn your trip into an actual vacation? If you have a few vacation days to spare, use them at the end of your trip. You can stay in the area and explore the sights and attractions you didn’t get to while you were there for business. You can even invite some friends or family members to join you!

Get Up Early or Sleep In

One way to make a business trip feel like a vacation is to do what makes you happy. If you’re someone who likes waking up early, set your alarm and go sightseeing or for a walk through a park. If you like sleeping in (and don’t have any meetings set up, of course), then hit the snooze button and sleep until your heart’s content.

Do you have any tips for turning a business trip into a vacation? We’d love to hear them! In the meantime, don’t forget to make your Pittsburgh Airport parking reservation with PIT Stop the next time you fly for business. Our company is great for corporate parking!