10 Ways to Travel on a Budget

10 Ways to Travel on a Budget

Pittsburgh Airport Parking Tips

Everyone deserves a getaway every now and then, and despite what you may think, travel doesn’t always have to break the bank. Our Pittsburgh International Airport parking staff has plenty of tips to help you plan a vacation that can save you some money:

Take Public Transportation

In most places, public transportation is pretty affordable and can easily get you from one place to another. Save the rental car money and opt for a bus, train, or taxi ride instead.

Consider Hostels

The word “hostel” doesn’t usually conjur up the most pleasant image, but there are hostels around the world that are comparable to budget hotels for a mere fraction of the cost.

Travel During Shoulder Season

Peak season for any destination is not only more expensive, but it can come with crowds. Do yourself and your wallet a favor and travel during the off-season.

Join an Airline Program

Is there an airline you like to fly more than others? Why not join their rewards program? You can rack up miles as you travel and eventually put them towards the cost of a flight.

Book a Hotel with Breakfast

If there are several hotels in the area you’re traveling to, see which one offers a free breakfast. You’ll save yourself the cost of at least one meal each day.

Pack Light

Nowadays, nearly every airline charges you for your checked bags, but many still offer free carry-ons in Economy class. Packing everything into a carry-on can save you money both there and back.

Travel on Specific Days

If you’re flexible with your travel, try to book your flight on a Tuesday or Wednesday, as prices tend to be cheaper on these days.

Look for Free Activities

Many cities have free museums, art galleries, classes, and more, so do some research before you go. You’ll save some money while still enjoying a fun experience.

Consider Different Airports

If you live near several airports or are traveling to an area with several airports, make sure you compare flight prices for all of your options. You may find one is much cheaper than another.

Take a Road Trip

Traveling doesn’t always have to mean flying – why not grab some friends, hop in the car and take a road trip to a nearby city, beach, or mountain?


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