Why Our Pittsburgh Airport Parking Is Great for Frequent Fliers

Why Our Pittsburgh Airport Parking Is Great for Frequent Fliers

Pittsburgh Airport Parking

Are you someone who flies out of Pittsburgh International Airport on a regular basis? If so, how do you usually get there? We’re willing to bet you drive your car and pay the Pittsburgh Airport parking prices to keep it there while you’re away. While this may seem convenient, there’s a better way – parking with PIT Stop Airport Parking!


At Pit Stop Airport Parking, we offer a fast, friendly, and affordable alternate to parking at PIT. When you make a reservation with us, you won’t have to worry about navigating through traffic to get to the airport and once you’re there, worry about trying to find a parking spot close to your terminal. Instead, you can simply come to our location just a few miles from PIT and we’ll take care of the parking situation for you!

Valet Parking

At our company, we feature valet Pittsburgh Airport parking, which means you won’t have to find an open parking space or even park your car – we’ll do it all for you! Once you arrive, simply check in and hand us the keys. One of our professional valet drivers will park your car under the cover of a protective canopy and meanwhile, you can board our fast, friendly shuttle. In just a few mintues’ time, you’ll be dropped off right at your PIT terminal and on your way to your flight! Once you return, simply hop on our shuttle back to our Pittsburgh Airport parking facility and we’ll have your car all ready to go for you.

Corporate Pricing

If your frequent flying status is due to business travel, Pit Stop Parking can make airport parking even easier for you! We offer special discounted rates for corporate travelers. All you have to do is register your company and you’ll be able to download a discount coupon to enjoy the lowest possible valet parking rates every time you travel! This lets you save both time and money each time you fly out of PIT.

Don’t miss the convenience and affordability of our Pittsburgh Airport parking prices. Make your reservation today and you’ll see why so many frequent fliers skip the parking lots at PIT and choose us instead.